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Summer is here (almost) and kids are outside riding their bikes. It's time to make good on that promise to your child (and yourself) about teaching him or her to ride a bike.

Holding a terrified child upright while running alongside the bike just doesn't work most of the time. Why put yourself and your child through that? There is another way that's safe, quick -- and no more running with the bike.

Join the thousands (really!) of parents and kids riding together because of Riding Made Easy, the #1 best-selling ebook for learning to ride a bike.

“I spent days and days running behind my child’s bike holding onto the seat and she just wasn’t progressing. She was also getting really frustrated. I finally decided to do some research and found your eBook. In a little over one very enjoyable hour, my little girl was safely riding her two wheeler. Thank you, thank you for the huge smile on my child’s face.”

Wayne Gregus, NJ

Like so many parents who come here, you have probably tried to teach your child to ride a bicycle and have really given it your best efforts.

And, like so many parents, you are probably tired of:
Bicycle Riding Tips
Running behind your child's bicycle day after day
Bicycle Riding Tips
The frustration and disappointment on your child's face
Bicycle Riding Tips
Losing the great moments with your child because you can't share riding bicycles together

You wish you knew a fun, easy and safe way to teach your child to ride in about an hour. I understand.

Riding Made Easy GuaranteeMy name is Howard Roth and over the years I’ve taught more children than I can count to ride their bicycles, from the kids in my hometown to the children of desperate parents who heard I can help ― to all the successful students of Riding Made Easy.

The Riding Made Easy ebook is written just for parents. It is completely focused on helping you teach your child to ride a bicycle in about an hour ― a straightforward, crystal-clear method to get your child riding quickly, safely and without tears.

Children actually teach themselves to ride, which is the fastest way for them to learn. And with the games you'll play with them, they'll have a lot of fun doing it (and so will you).

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No more running behind your child's bicycle, no more huffing and puffing, no more holding on to a scared child. With Riding Made Easy, your child will be safely and happily riding a two-wheeler in no time.

What will your child be doing this time tomorrow if you stick to your old method?

Here are just some of the secrets, tips & techniques
Riding Made Easy will teach you

  • The *sure-fire* secret for making your child feel completely safe and confident on the bicycle – the very first time (page 7)

  • A step-by-step explanation of how to get your child to “feel the balance” on the bicycle (page 18)

  • How to make certain your child doesn’t freeze into inaction and ride into curbs and parked cars (page 28)

  • The right way to tell if your child is ready to ride a two-wheeler (page 15)

  • The proven games to play to give your child total control over the bicycle (page 25)

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I instruct children and young people in many areas ― I am a teacher, a journalist, a researcher and an editor.

Most importantly, I am the father of twin boys.

I understand how kids learn, why they sometimes resist and how to get them to move forward – effortlessly.

You will too and your child will be riding his or her bicycle faster than you will believe.

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Dear Howard,

Your Riding Made Easy ebook just made it so easy. The organization, the graphics and especially the Upshot summary boxes made teaching my son as simple as 1-2-3. I particularly like the way I was able to make him feel completely safe while he was learning the first steps. The $14.95 I spent was really worth it. Just great!”

Wayne Gregus


All I can say is that you are a genius. I spent about 1.5 hours yesterday and about 30 minutes today with my daughter using your techniques and she is riding without training wheels. Both of us were very frustrated Wednesday and I had my doubts about being able to teach my daughter how to ride. Your techniques totally simplified the matter and put learning to ride the bike in her hands.

I cannot believe that I had never heard of this common sense approach to bike riding before. I am definitely going to recommend your ebook to all my friends who have children. If you would like to use anything I have said here for testimonial purposes please feel free to. I am truly in your debt. My daughter is so excited because none of her friends can ride without training wheels.

Dale Taylor

Riding Made Easy will show you:
Bicycle Riding Tips

The simple way to set up your child’s bicycle to make learning effortless

Bicycle Riding Tips

The three crucial steps you must take to give your child total confidence

Bicycle Riding Tips

Why the place you choose for your child to learn to ride is critical to your child’s success

Bicycle Riding Tips

The five games to play with your child to speed their progress and keep them focused on fun

Bicycle Riding Tips

Why you want to keep the training wheels off your child’s bike.

My Kids

My boys were particularly tough cases, as can happen with twins. They had seen other kids zipping around the neighborhood and they wanted desperately to ride two-wheelers.

I ran behind them up and down the street until my back ached, my knees were ready to pop and my lungs felt like they were going to fall out of my chest.

They just weren’t getting it. After one painful session, one of my boys got off his bike with tears in his eyes and told me he never wanted to try to ride his bike again.

That was enough for me. The look on his face was heartbreaking to me and I couldn’t bear to let him go through another day like that.

I felt there had to be a better way and I threw myself into the task as a professional researcher, journalist and teacher.

I carefully crafted a fast, fun and easy course of learning after investigating the physical dynamics of bike riding, researching the best methods and using my years of experience teaching children.

Once I was done, I took my kids to a well-chosen spot. They were riding their bikes within an hour. The smiles on their faces and the sense of pride and accomplishment they had will always stay with me. It is a moment I will treasure forever.

Hi Howard,

Awesome! I only had a half hour with my son before bedtime and I started telling him about your eBook and he was so excited to try it that we went across the street to a semi-empty parking lot to get started.

He was taking medium steps and coasting and balancing in just a few minutes. We made a game out it and he was smiling and laughing.

After a half hour it was time to go in for supper but I told him we could try for a little while longer if he want to start pedaling. He agreed. As soon as he stepped down on the pedal and took off he was set. He hasn't stopped riding since and is now (after only a short time with the 12-in. bike) riding a 16-in. bike even though his body size is that of a four year old).

He loves to ride. The ideas I got from you made for a painless learning experience that we will both enjoy and continue to share for the rest of our lives.

Remember, Josh is only five years old! Thanks again. It was great to see the look on my son's face when I told him he was learning so much faster that his dad did (and how many crashes I had while learning that he isn't having!). He even asked why our neighborhood friends' fathers weren't teaching their kids the same way!

Dave C., Fall River MA

Do not buy any video or ebook about teaching a child to ride a bicycle unless it meets these criteria:
bullet One: It is written solely for parents to help teach their children how to ride. Children aren’t just “small adults” – they need to be taught using special methods
bullet Two: It uses straightforward step-by-step instructions written in clear, concise language
bullet Three: It uses clear graphics and pictures to explain critical points, leaving nothing to chance
bullet Four: It explains exactly how to prepare both your child and yourself for getting your child going on a two-wheeler
bullet Five: It covers all the small tips and hints that help you avoid big problems, such as what clothing your child should wear and the special equipment to get for your child – in addition to the helmet.

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Still not convinced?
At $14.95, Riding Made Easy is less than taking your child to the movies (and probably healthier).

No problem -- read on to find out more about my 100% ironclad, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (as well as more about how easy it will be to teach your child to ride). I've taught so many people to ride and I know Riding Made Easy works so well that I'm able to make such an unusual guarantee.

Dear Howard,

Your Riding Made Easy eBook was invaluable in helping my husband and I teach our two grandchildren how to ride a bike while they were vacationing with us.

With your help, both children quickly succeeded, while their parents had tried for over two years with no success.

Please keep up the good work. I can't thank you enough for your help.

Terry & Harry M., Hilton Head, SC

This information is priceless

You have to pay for your child’s bicycle, helmet and other safety equipment – it all costs money. How much is the ear-to-ear smile on your child’s face worth? What price can you put on your child’s self-esteem and sense of freedom?

How much is it worth to no longer feel you are failing them, not to mention the wear-and-tear on your body from pounding up and down the street?

100% ironclad, money-back guarantee

I am so sure of your delight and satisfaction that I’m going to give you a complete, 100%, absolute, ironclad money-back guarantee.

If your child isn’t happily riding his or her two-wheeler in no time, just contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund your total purchase price. All of it. 100% unconditional refund.

That means you can try the proven methods in Riding Made Easy – completely and totally risk-free.

If Riding Made Easy doesn’t help to save your knees, your sanity and get your child happily riding a two wheeler, then I don’t want your money – and I’ll give it all back. That's my guarantee to you.

You have nothing to lose (but your fatigue and your child’s tears).

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Need even more reasons to get going immediately?

I understand, so here is what I'll do.

Also, with your order, you will get unlimited help and consulting with me personally.

My purpose in writing Riding Made Easy was to share the joy and satisfaction with helping children (and parents) overcome a hurdle and gain the self-esteem that comes with mastering an important skill. (My self-esteem took quite a jump after my kids started riding.)

I will send you my special email address with your order. If you have any problems, just need help or need to consult with me about any aspect of teaching you child (or any other student), just let me know.

I will stay with you and help (it is truly my pleasure) until your child is happily riding.

It's like having your own professional bicycle riding coach.

It is up to you to take that first step. Thanks and please be sure to let me know how it goes.

Wishing you and your child
a wonderful riding experience,
Howard Roth

P.S. Let’s face it. Thinking about downloading Riding Made Easy is just not the same as having this invaluable resource in your hands to help your child. Get Riding Made Easy NOW and your child will be riding a two-wheeler by this time tomorrow.

P.P.S. If you have questions about Riding Made Easy or you need to contact me for any reason, just email me at howard@ridingmadeeasy.com

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